Website News – September 2021

Now summer is winding down and cooler temperatures are returning, our writing schedule is ramping up.

Please share your news…submissions, contests, publications, and funny rejection letter with the rest of us. Remember: we are in the “game” together and it can be a lonely game. Sharing experiences can be uplifting to your fellow writers. It can be the inspirational lightning bolt we sometimes need when the ideas are not coming, the words are not flowing or another rejection letter has landed in our mailbox. Besides, do we not all love an excuse to celebrate something…especially in these COVID times?

Drop Leslie a line through the Contact page on the website by selecting [email protected] in the dropdown box. Pictures are good too, but they must be in .jpg format and no larger than 500KB. (You may have to email your photos to me as an attachment in a separate email to: [email protected].)

One more thing: check out Workshops & contests of note in the dropdown box under Events on the menu bar. As the title indicates, this is where you will find a list of these events, such as the literary festival, Word Vancouver. And, please, if you hear of anything that should be included in this section of the website, send it to me through the webmaster address on the Contact page and be sure to include the link to the event.

Okay…one more thing. If you want to get the news as it is posted on the website, you MUST subscribe to the CVWS News. (It is in the righthand column on every page of the website.)

Rest assured the CVWS website is a secure website and we have a strict privacy policy in place.