November 2020 – Sigrid Stark

Potluck at Rabbit Hill
Memories of life with the Rabbit Hill Baptist Church Community
Sigrid Stark
Friesen Press, November 2020

Potluck at Rabbit Hill is an engaging and enjoyable read about memorable times with a beautiful community. Author Sigrid Stark was part of the church when her husband was their pastor from 1992 to 2004.

Readers will find stories that need to be told.  Stories about burning outhouses, exploding trees, and flying mice.  There are stories about people who will make the reader laugh out loud and wish that they were part of this community.  Minus the things that burn, explode and fly.

Sigrid Stark is a consummate storyteller who captures the laughter, love, and sometimes, the sadness of a compassionate community of faith.  Whether or not readers are people of faith, they will find her stories about kind people living good lives both captivating and inspirational.

About the Author
After their time at Rabbit Hill Baptist Church, Sigrid Stark and her husband, Loren, moved to Canada’s west coast.  They now live in Comox B.C. where she spends her time writing, creating art, and exploring the beauty of Vancouver Island.

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Paperback ISBN
Black and White
174 pages
5.5 x 8.5 inches