Fall 2020 – Teresa Hedley

What’s Not Allowed? A Family Journey with Autism
Teresa Hedley
Wintertickle Press, 2020

Lauded by autism leaders and practitioners as “relatable, insightful, joyful and inspiring,” What’s Not Allowed? A Family Journey with Autism tells the tale of Erik from womb to emerging adult. Written with compassion, humour and keen observation, we are taken inside the shoes of autism and invited to link arms with the Hedley family as they nurture Erik from boy to man. Heartfelt stories highlight themes around life with autism and allow us an intriguing glimpse into the mind of autism. The tales are those of any and every family living with autism: they pose questions, poke at philosophies and offer insight into shaping potential. What’s Not Allowed? offers an uplifting approach to mining the best version of each of us—autism or not.

“There are a lot of lessons on these pages for all of us, and we can benefit from considering them and acting upon them.”
–PETER MANSBRIDGE, former anchor and chief correspondent, CBC’s The National; Stratford, ON

“Pure brilliance…Often funny, yet serious at its root, this book is a portrayal of how love and compassion overcome percentiles and projection.”
–TELAH MORRISON, Colonel, OMM, CD, Director Military Family Service, Canadian Armed Forces; Ottawa, ON,

“I highly recommend this book. Teresa is a gifted storyteller…overall a masterful blend of humour and authenticity.”
–MIKE LAKE , Canadian Parliamentarian and international autism advocate; Edmonton, AB

* What’s Not Allowed? is available online at Amazon and Indigo, at Coles in the Driftwood Mall and at Laughing Oyster Books and Blue Heron Books.