December 2020 – Ulrike Ostermann

Of Bears at Fridges, drinking Planes and Cinderella’s Shoe 
Jordis Tumby (aka Uli Ostermann)
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Of Bears at Fridges, drinking Planes and Cinderella’s Shoe is about 8-year-old Sammy who just had been told that the family will move away from London and to a new home. In Sammy’s eyes a bombshell went off at the breakfast table, and so the book starts with a scream and a big bang caused by slammed doors.

The story addresses the fear of changes, coming with the unfamiliar and its challenges.

It is Aunt Nova, a flamboyant Woman, who suddenly comes wading through the snow on this snowy December day to approach her godchild, while Sammy sits hidden under the old oak tree on the other side of the street, observing the movers. She is equipped with a blanket, a basket with goodies and the story of Maggy, called Mag.

Slowly she drags Sammy into Mag’s story, who is eight years old as well and has to move, too; later even to a foreign country, Canada – far away from grandparents and friends. By telling the story Nova provides a neutral and fearless platform on which Sammy can relate to Mag and face the fears. Adventure and fun are not held short.

Everything starts with a stubborn ‘No!’. Will it end with a convinced ‘Yes’?

For children between eight and up, and for those who are young at heart. Taking place in London, Dresden and British Columbia.

The book is available in hardcover (176 pages, including 43 illustrations) and in paperback (148 pages, with 3 illustrations). It’s also available in German.

It can be ordered directly by, in bookshops or online on

The author is a mother of three, has a Masters degree in educational sciences, and lives and also works as a painter in Courtenay, BC. This is her first children’s book under the name Jordis Tumby, an open pseudonym.